Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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Take care of yourself: let go

Tiibeti lapsed

The Good Guru ...

√ has realized the ultimate view 
√ is open-minded 
√ is reluctant to teach 
√ is tolerant
√ is learned 
√ is disciplined 
√ is kind and never denigrates others
√ has a lineage 
√ is progressive 
√ is humble 
√ is not interested in your wallet, thighs, or toes
√ has a living guru and a living tradition 
√ is devoted to the three jewels 
√ trusts in the laws of karma 
√ is generous 
√ brings you to virtuous surroundings 
√ has tamed the body, speech, and mind 
√ is gentle and soothing 
√ has pure perception 
√ is nonjudgmental 
√ abides by the Buddha’s rules of Vinaya, Bodhisattvayana, and, of course, Vajrayana 
√ fears wrongdoing 
√ is forgiving 
√ is skillful

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, from “The Guru Drinks Bourbon?