Monday, July 3, 2017

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"We have to learn to trust in the present moment, to welcome change, to allow life to flow in whatever direction that it wants. When we resist change or cling to expectations of how we think things should change, we only create our own suffering. We cannot stop life from living, we cannot prevent things from changing, and we shouldn’t stress over what we cannot control.

Once we see that resisting life is ultimately futile, and that through our resistance we only cause ourselves to suffer, then we can choose not to suffer, and can choose to surrender to the present moment, and appreciate life as it exists in each moment.

Try to become aware of the resistance in your own life. Can you acknowledge when you are creating your own suffering? Can you see how your desires and expectations are what make you suffer? Can you see how your regrets, your clinging to memories, and your failure to let go of the past are also causing you to suffer? If we can be honest with ourselves, we will realize that the only time we suffer is when we resist the present moment—when we resist life as it exists right here and now.

It is never our situation that is the cause of our suffering, but our thoughts about our situation. The way we relate to life determines how we react to life, and the way we react to life determines how we feel about life.

If we want to be free, and if we want to allow ourselves to live in Love, then we have to be willing to stop resisting life, and to break down all of the barriers that we have built within ourselves that keep us imprisoned in our suffering. This often requires us to go to the places within ourselves that scare us, to look at the traumas that hurt us, to acknowledge why we created these barriers to protect us, and to realize that we do not need these barriers anymore. They have served their purpose and we can thank them for that, but we can let go of them, forgive the past, and forgive ourselves for causing so much of our own suffering because of our ignorance of who we are."

~A quote from the book "The Answer Is YOU" 
Author Joseph P. Kauffman
Instagram / conscious_collective

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